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Castlehill Housing Association

Project Details: Nether Mains Court, Aberdeen

Project Overview

As part of a drive to take people living in sheltered housing out of fuel poverty, Castelhill Housing Association asked GI Energy to review a number of sheltered housing schemes in off-gas/grid rural areas. Reducing fuel poverty and the recent changes to the energy efficiency standard were the main drivers for the energy review.

A full multi-technology feasibility study was undertaken for all the applicable technologies for each site. The results showed the most suitable system by far was individual ground source heat pumps capable of receiving the domestic renewable heat incentive.

Installation Solution

Boreholes were drilled first for each of the 25 properties and then the installation of the heat pumps could begin. As some of the residents were vulnerable a quick installation was paramount as to not displace them from their homes for too long. The unique CTC EcoHeat was chosen as this combines a heat pump, thermal store and instantaneous legionella free direct domestic hot water in a single unit. This helped reduce the time taken for installation of the new heating system to between one and a half and two days for each property. All the new EcoHeat units feature a touch screen control pad which feature automatic weather compensation, while managing comfortable internal temperatures plus domestic hot water production.

The boreholes ensure the performance of the units is constant thoughout the year where the performance of air source units would tail off during the Scottish winter.


The technology was chosen to provide the lowest whole life costs and provides energy savings of 50% while also benefitting from the domestic RHI payments at 18.8p/kWhr. The domestic renewable heat incentive payments alone will fund the complete scheme within the 7 year term.

Air To Water

Air Source Heat Pumps

CTC Inverter driven variable speed Air Source Heat Pump 500M range with a 5.24 COP and the EcoAir 400 range of fixed speed Air Source Heat Pumps with a 4.6 COP.

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Ground To Water

EcoPart425 435Pro right


 EcoPart406 417 right


EcoHeat and EcoPart 400 generation of ground source heat pump has achieved a COP 5.04 and the new GSi 12 inverter driven ground source heat pump achieves 5.22 COP.

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Intelligent Thermal Stores

Thermal Stores

Energy Flexibility intelligence with the CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro multi energy thermal store.

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Biomass Boilers

  V40 EFgrey LR A

CTC EcoFlex, highly efficient domestic pellet & log gasification boiler range, designed with you in mind.

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