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Eco Friendly Installations Ltd and CTC.

Eco friendly Installations Ltd is a Renewable Energy Company in the heart of rural Wales, after purchasing a “Radial Drilling Rig” they decided to lead by example and removing the existing Gas boiler and install 600m of bore holes and a 17kW 3 Phase Ground Source Heat Pump to heat offices, conference facility, toilets and reception plus providing hot water for them and attached vehicle garage.

The system was designed by Eco Friendly Installation Ltd internally but received advice from CTC on installation and setting heat curves.

Installation Solution

Eco Friendly Installations Ltd designed the system to choose the CTC Eco Part 417 single compressor heat pump for a variety of reasons including reliability, small footprint and its ability to direct different levels of heat to various zones, depending on the current heat demand. This reduces heat pump cycling, prolonging the life of the installation and increases overall efficiency.

Eco Friendly Installations Ltd was in a great positon to install the bore holes and really make use of the ground under their offices, to our knowledge taking a drilling rig into the premises and actually drilling under the building hadn’t been done before, this was possible do the drill being very small and manoeuvrable. The radial method of drilling captures a greater area than vertical but deep enough so not to be effected by the ambient outdoor temperature.    

Saving in money & fuel

Due to the performance of the Eco Part 417, coupled with the CTC Eco Logic Controller, the client has recorded savings and has warm offices and conference facility with a mixture of convector heaters and towel rails. The heat meter is now active and actual savings will be measured.

Air To Water

Air Source Heat Pumps

CTC Inverter driven variable speed Air Source Heat Pump 500M range with a 5.24 COP and the EcoAir 400 range of fixed speed Air Source Heat Pumps with a 4.6 COP.

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Ground To Water

EcoPart425 435Pro right


 EcoPart406 417 right


EcoHeat and EcoPart 400 generation of ground source heat pump has achieved a COP 5.04 and the new GSi 12 inverter driven ground source heat pump achieves 5.22 COP.

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Intelligent Thermal Stores

Thermal Stores

Energy Flexibility intelligence with the CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro multi energy thermal store.

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Biomass Boilers

  V40 EFgrey LR A

CTC EcoFlex, highly efficient domestic pellet & log gasification boiler range, designed with you in mind.

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