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CTC - UK EcoAir 420 Air to Water Heat Pump

CTC - UK EcoAir 420 Air Source Heat Pump

Key features

• Integrates perfectly with the CTC EcoEl, CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro or CTC EcoLogic Pro/Family, for heating down to -22 °C

• On demand defrost function for higher efficiency

• Easy to install

• Highly efficient

• Discharge and suction heat control for DHW charging

• Near silent running

• Scroll compressor with superior winter performance

• Ducted air flow channel

• Large Vein evaporator for reduced defrosting

One of Europe's most widely installed air to water heat pumps.

The CTC EcoAir is Sweden’s most widely installed air-to-water heat pump. This is hardly surprising, since we are a pioneer of air-to-water heat pumps.

Purpose built Air source heat pumps offer an extremely high efficient solution for space heating and hot water generation. CTC EcoAir heat pumps work by absorbing and moving energy from the ambient air outside and amplifying the temperature by compression, for use in the home or office.

The EcoAir 420 is a highly efficient unit, as 75% of its output energy is sourced from the external environment and only 25% comes from the direct power supply. This can offer renewable heat consumers impressive output energy performance, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 75%.

The CTC EcoAir 420 is our recently upgraded platform to meet the energy performance directive standards. This proven technology houses a number of unique patented features such as our large vein selective coated evaporator. This unique design feature maximises energy absorption during low ambient temperatures and also reduces the need for defrosting. Silent running because of our improved internal air duct and fan motor. On demand defrost function for higher performance at low temperatures. High flow temperatures due to the intelligent control of the compressor module and the impressive COP of 4.92 @ 7/35. There are many more unique features on the EcoAir range which ensure it remains an highly efficient system and maintains high performance throughout the entire year.

The CTC EcoAir 420 can be installed with a CTC EcoLogic Pro controller that has multiple system programmes allowing you to incorporate many different functions and heat inputs. CTC EcoAir 420 can also be connected to the CTC EcoEl multi zone, weather compensated thermal store and also the award winning CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro, unique all-in-one thermal store with an integral intelligent control system.

Even though after 20 years of service the EcoAir range has had some upgrades and improvements, one aspect remains unchanged: operational reliability. The CTC EcoAir  is one of CTC’s classic products and a favourite of installers, businesses and home owners.

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