Air to Water Heat Pumps

CTC EcoAir 500M

The CTC EcoAir 500M are variable speed inverter driven Air to Water heat pumps. Delivering a COP of up to 5.24 and an SCOP of up to 4.5. The CTC EcoAir 510M has an output range of 2 to 10 kW and the EcoAir 520M an output range of 4.9 to 22 kW.EcoAir 510 cut small

  • Energy class A++ (in package with built in control)
  • Savings of up to 80%
  • Most output when required
  • Optimal seasonal coefficient of performance up to 4.5 (SCOP)
  • Inverter-controlled compressor and electronic expansion valve
  • Built-in condensation water tray with on demand heater
  • Provides heating down to -22°C and produces water up to 65°C
  • Using CTC Connect with the CTC Controller the EcoAir500M can be controlled using your smart phone or iPad

Data sheet: EcoAir 500M

CTC EcoAir 400

The CTC EcoAir is the next generation in our Air to Water heat pump development. We deliver a COP of 4.6, with low noise and high performance which comes as standard!

  •  A+ energy rating with a COP of 4.6
  • On demand intelligent defrosting for more heat and longer lifeEA400 cut right-view400
  • Provide heat operation down to  -22°C outside temperature
  • The quietest air/water heat pump we've ever produced
  • Produces up to 65°C Hot water
  • Electronic expansion valve for optimum operation
  • New efficient and reliable compressor
  • Condensation water tray with heater are built in as standard
  • Ecoair is part of the EnergyFlex Solution

When you buy a heat pump from CTC, all the extras are included. But there are still some ingenious accessories that make life easier!

 Data sheet: EcoAir 400 

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