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CTC Wireless Room Sensor

Wireless Room Sensor

part-no: 585520301

Avoid troublesome wiring by installing CTC wireless room sensors. The room temperature can be easily adjusted and any alerts can be displayed.

Additional wireless room unit Wireless Room Sensor  
part-no: 5386280
CTC SMS control    CTC SMS Control
part-no: 585518301
With CTC SMS control you can monitor and regulate your heat pump via your mobile telephone. Adjust the temperature or receive alerts e.g. in the event of a power failure etc.
CTC Internet 300 CTC Internet 300 
part-no: 585516301
Enabling you to log in and control your heating system regardless of where you are. All that is required is an internet connection.
CTC Comfort button    CTC Comfort Button
part-no: 582515301
Install the CTC Comfort button wherever you think best. Activate the "additional hot water function" by pressing the button! Supplied with 15 m cable.
Mixing valve group 2 Mixing Valve Group 2  
part-no: 583434401
If you need to control 2 different radiator systems, the simplest way is the addition of these components. Mixing valve motor
Mixing valve connection 22 Mixing Valve 
part-no: 583433401
Primary flow sensor  
part-no: 583742308
Expansion tank 18 Litres Expansion Tank 
part-no: 585430401
Expansion tank that is adapted for installation above your heat pump. Supplied with a 3/4" angle connection and 22x3/4" transfer nipple Dimensions: ø=400 mm, height 194 mm.
Filler manifold G25 & G32  
Filler manifold in brass with dirt filter and valves for filling and shutting off. Filler manifold G25 for CTC EcoHeat 306-310
part-no: 913073401T Filler manifold G32 for CTC EcoHeat 312
part-no: 913073402T Installation kit G25 & G32 For easy installation of the CTC Ecoheat 300. Contains: Expansion tank, angle connection, combination valve, circulation pump (radiator pump) and filler manifold (kvs14) or (kvs22) Installation kit G25 for CTC EcoHeat 306-310
part-no: 585331401 Installation kit G32 for CTC EcoHeat 312
part-no: 585331402

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