CTC - UK V22 Lambda Log Gasification Boiler

CTC - UK V22 Lambda Log Gasification Boiler

Key Features

  • Lambda controlled combustion
  • 92% heating efficiency
  • Low NOX emissions
  • Spacious fuel chamber
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Weather compensation control
  • Integrates with all CTC renewable heaters and Intellient thermal stores

The CTC V22 Lambda controlled wood gasification boiler has been developed in accordance with the latest industry standards. This is truly an elegant heater with a work horse mentality.

This CTC V22 boiler incorporates many innovative features for easy operation including the Ecologic control package incorporating weather compensation. The thermal bed and the vortex concept of the combustion chamber have resulted in extremely low emissions. Thanks to the excellent heat transmission within the boiler the unit achieves a boiler efficiency up to 92%. The spacious fuel chamber offers 138 litres, easy cleaning from the built-in mechanical mechansim. The combustion side panels facilitate downward fuel movement.


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