Biomass Boilers

CTC V22 and V40v40 small

Lambda Controlled Wood Gasification Boiler providing Higher efficiency and comfort.


The CTC V22 and V40 lambda wood boilers have been developed in accordance with the latest standards incorporating innovative features in an attractive design. With outputs of 22 kW for the V22 and 40 kW for the V40 and a full load energy production of approximately 125 kWh meeting heating requirements for small, medium and large properties.

  • Integrated energy efficient controls.
  • Lambda sensor control giving high boiler efficiency of 92%.
  • Very low emissions.
  • 2 models with outputs of 22 kW and 40 kW.
  • Ceramic combustion chamber with “Vortex” concept.
  • Powerful suction draught fan.
  • Stylish grey casing with alternate door handed

Date sheet: V22 and V40



CTC EcoFlex

Wood pellet boiler provides the same convenience of operation as an oil boiler but is Carbon Neutral.EcoFlex


CTC EcoFlex is a highly efficient wood pellet boiler designed for ease of operation and maintenance. It is reliable, easy to install, clean and is simple to operate. With careful regulation of the wood pellet feed into the combustion chamber and controlled combustion the CTC EcoFlex wood pellet boiler can maintain a pre-determined operating temperature. A triple pass heat exchanger provides excellent heat transfer resulting in boiler efficiencies of 92%.


  • Integrated energy efficient controls
  • Triple pass heat exchanger designed for maximum energy efficiency
  • Well insulated to minimise standing losses
  • Separate heating and domestic hot water connections
  • Designed for easy cleaning, installation and maintenance
  • Automatic ignition
  • Large sized ash bin minimises the need for frequent emptying
  • Easy to install pellet hopper and auger accessory provide automated pellet feed system

Data sheet: EcoFlex

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