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Domestic Renewable Heat solutions



CTC domestic renewable solutions offer a unique and high quality result, for low cost and high efficiency heating with hot water. Our 90 years developing the industry and continuously, innovating our products means a CTC heat pump or biomass boiler will provide more than just efficient heating for your home. A CTC Air or ground source heat pump solution can be combined with solar thermal panels, or wood burning stoves, or you can keep your existing gas, oil or LPG boiler. This unique offer of energy flexibility in one renewable energy system can only be found at CTC. We call it Energy Flex


The CTC range of Air to water and ground to water heat pumps and biomass boilers, offer the perfect solution for new build homes. The system controls are capable of intelligently monitoring the temperature outside and inside to ensure that your comfort is always paramount. 

Renovation and retrofit is also one of the key strengths for the CTC range. Our products work just as effectively with radiators and convectors, as they do with underfloor heating. Multiple heating zones are becoming a must have, to ensure heat and energy is not wasted in areas of a home that don’t require round the clock heating. The CTC range of controllers can manage up to 4 heating zones within a dwelling allowing you to manage the energy more effectively

“Energy Flex” is flexible energy

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Energy prices are rising. The future economy is slow to recover.

Environmental concerns are more important than ever!

Have you thought about how this will affect you in the future? CTC Energy Flex solutions harness free energy all year round “Even when it’s cold outside” that wil reduce your Co2 emissions and your heating bills by up to 75%. Energy Flex means you can use air to water heat pumps, ground to water heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar thermal panels, log burners, Gas, Oil and LPG. 

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