Ground Source Heat Pumps

CTC EcoPart and EcoPart XL 

EP400EP400-XL right white cut small

The CTC EcoPart is the new generation of ground to water heat pump development. We deliver a COP of 5.04, with low noise and high performance which comes as standard!

  •  A+++ energy rating with a COP of 5.04
  • Equipped with a built-in control system for solid condensation / accumulator charging
  • Patented intercooler for longer life
  • The quietest ground/water heat pump we've ever produced
  • Produces up to 65°C Hot water
  • Electronic expansion valve for optimum operation
  • New efficient and reliable compressor
  • built-in soft starter
  • EcoPart and EcoPart XL can make up part of the EnergyFlex Solution

When you buy a heat pump from CTC, all the extras are included. But there are still some ingenious accessories that make life easier!

Data sheets: EcoPart and EcoPart XL.

 CTC EcoHeatEH400 2

The CTC EcoHeat 400 range of ground source heat pumps and integral thermal store offer an extremely efficient

solution for space heating and hot water generation. With low noise and high efficiency the CTC EcoHeat is ideal for installation withing the property.

  • High efficiency up to COP of over 5.0 (at 5/35˚C)
  • Significantly reduced heating costs
  • Intuitive 4.3 inch colour touch screen control interface
  • Smart stylish white steel case
  • Low noise production
  • Weather compensation of two heating circuits
  • Low energy pumps for both brine and charge circuits
  • EnergyFlex: Flexibility to connect additional heat sources

Data sheet: EcoHeat.

 CTC GSi 12  

Variable speed 2.5 – 12 kW inverter driven ground source heat pump providing heating and hot water from a single unit

  •  Savings of up to 85%Ecoheat GSI
  •  Energy class A+++ (heating with built-in control)
  •  Most hot water in the class
  •  With high seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP 5.1)
  •  Most output when required
  •  Inverter-driven compressor
  •  Electronic expansion valve
  •  Can control two separate heating systems
  •  Very quiet, 45.6 dB(A) (0/35 at 50 rps)
  •  You can easily control it with your phone using CTC Connect

Data sheet: GSi 12

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