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EcoLogic Family & Pro

CTC EcoLogic is a unique control system designed to monitor and regulate CTC’s range of heat pumps. The CTC Ecologic Pro provides control of up to 10 heat pumps, 4 weather compensated heating circuits, buffer tank and DHW cylinder. It can also provide control for DHW Circulation, solar panels, borehole recharging, cooling, swimming pool heating and numerous external additional heat sources including oil and gas boilers.ELP right view wall


  • Control of up to 10 CTC heat pumps and 4 weather compensated heating circuits
  • Six system type to choose from satisfying the majority of hydraulic layouts
  • Dynamic PDF to provide system schematic
  • DHW cylinder control with options for DHW circulation
  • In-built control of Solar panels, swimming pool heating, passive cooling and borehole recharging
  • 4.3 inch colour touch screen intuitive interface
  • Supplied with 5 metre cable for remote location of the display screen
  • Automatic product recognition
  • Can be upgraded to support internet or SMS monitoring
  • System software can be updated via the USB port and operating dat can be downloaded via the USB port

Click here for EcoLogic Demonstration.

Data sheets: EcoLogic Data Sheet and EcoLogic Dynamic PDF

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